Bring your own bike or hire locally

If you have decided to go on a mountain bike holiday you want to make sure to do that on an appropriate bike. Should you choose a rental bike or take your own bike, and is that not too much hassle. If you're not sure what to do, continue reading!

Renting a mountainbike

Renting a mountain bike has the advantage that you enter the plane carefree, your rental bike is reserved for you when you book the trip and is ready at the arrival location. We have a choice of high quality mountain bikes at the size that fits your length. The adjustment is done on the first day under the supervision of the accompanying technician.

The advantage of renting a bike is that you do not have to worry about the maintenance of the bike during the trip. Even though the course is rough with stones, holes, water etc. you do not have to worry about the bike. The downside is that nothing is as pleasant as driving on your own familiar bike.

The costs for renting a mountain bike are € 20, - per day.

Bring your bike on the plane

What should you arrange all and what requirements you must meet, what does it cost? We have sorted it out for you. Almost all airlines offer the possibility to take your bike with you. It is important that you pack the bike well, that way you have the least chance of damage. There are special bicycle cases and bike covers, but we prefer the use of a carton box. This is cheap and offers good protection.

Pack your bike

At the airport, you can buy a special bicycle box at the luggage storage for a bicycle box. The easiest way is to pick up a bicycle box from your local bicycle repair shop. He gets all his new bikes delivered in boxes that will be thrown away. Chances are you get a nice box for free.

The pedals must be disassembled and the steering wheel turned in the length of the bicycle. Put the saddle in the lowest position and let a lot of air out of the tires. The latter is to prevent the chance of a burst tire when the air pressure changes during the flight. Release some air from the tires to prevent the bike from bouncing on its rims.


When you book a flight, indicate immediately that you want to take a bicycle as special baggage. The airline will then reserve space in the baggage compartment. The number of bicycles per flight can vary per airline. Preferably book a direct flight, even if it is slightly more expensive. Especially when loading and unloading the luggage, the chance of damage is greatest.

The costs

There are quite big differences per airline:

  • KLM € 100, - one way

  • Air France € 100, - up to € 125, - one way

  • British Airways free up to 23kg, above that € 70, - one way

  • Lufthansa free up to 23kg, above € 100, - one way

  • Brussels Airlines free up to 23kg, above € 100, - one way

  • Turkish Airlines free up to 15kg, above that € 50, - one way

  • Emirates free up to 23kg, above that € 154, - one way

Weighing and prices can be subject to change, check the current data at the relevant company.

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