Experience your adventure

We love cycling

We love cycling, just like you. Enjoy the physical challenge that a ride can bring. But you also experience the difficult moments when facing your limits. Are you looking for a challenge in another continent, we prepared mountain bike trips for you with utmost care in Kenya.



Everything becomes more intense from the bike

If you are on the bike you are in all aspects closer to nature, you experience the smells, the sounds and the views more intense than you would do from a car or bus. In Africa many people are walking in the street, simply because this is the cheapest way to get around   From the bike this often leads to surprising encounters and conversations. Africa, you feel it, taste it, experience it.



Leave the tourist mode behind

In a country like Kenya there is so much to experience, unfortunately many people stay in the 'tourist mode'. Luxury hotels, safaris, hop on and off the tourist bus, finishing all sight seeing locations. In this way you can completely miss the connection with the local population, their culture and habits. We at SansaTravel ensure that one or more cultural experiences are included in every journey.



Meet the team





Being the last born in a Kenyan family, I was educated in Nairobi. For 15 years I worked as a certified tourism guide and driver. In this time I became an expert for everything related to tourism in Kenya. The last 5 years I have lived and worked in the Netherlands. I am your guide on all our bike tours and am responsible for the accommodations, transport and meals. I am your point of contact during our trips.



local cycling partner

Cycling is my life for many years now. Because I was born and raised in Kenya, I know the routes and the most beautiful nature reserves like no other. I accompany the mountain bike group trips as a cycling guide. Not only do I ensure that we follow challenging routes, I also advice on improving cycling technics.

I look forward to seeing you on one of the trips from SansaTravel.



local cycling partner

 I have always had a passion for outdoor activities through which i nurtured by engaging in hiking, mountain climbing and most of  all cycling. Having travelled within and outside kenya, I am capable of guiding groups through different terrains.  I also double as a paramedic and will therefore be able to attend to any medical needs. I hope to provide a wonderful and memorable experience for everyone who chooses SansaTravel

Wycliffe Waweru.jpg


local business partner

My life has always been around bicycles since childhood. I was born and raised in Kenya but have always had a deep appreciation for bicycles and cycling events. As such I am happy to be a part of this team as I promote bicycles for sustainable cities and as a climate resilience option.

I am happy to host Sansa Travel guests in Kenya for the various circuits.